Dr. Maggie's goal is to help you find your best health.  You may be feeling unwell and wanting natural treatment options to get you better,  or you may be feeling in good health and wanting very much to stay that way. From acute concerns to chronic conditions, it is Maggie's job not only to help treat your symptoms, but to help you get to the root of why you are experiencing those symptoms in the first place.  Maggie's visits are long enough to explore your concerns, help you to find answers to your questions, and teach you how your body works so that you can understand how to stay healthy in the long term.  Outside of your appointment time, Maggie spends time researching and keeping up to date with evidenced based medicine in order to give you the care that you deserve.


complimentary 'meet the doctor' visit 

This is your chance to see if Dr. Maggie is the right fit for you.  In this 15 minute visit Maggie will meet you on your terms; sharing the fundamentals of naturopathic medicine, what makes her approach unique, and answering your questions, There is no cost for this visit because Maggie knows how important it is to find the right healthcare practitioner - one that understands your perspectives and shares common goals in your path to wellness.  If the fit is not right, Maggie will do her best to help point you in the direction of someone better suited to your needs.  


initial naturopathic consultation 

This 1-hour visit is designed to explore your health concern(s) and health history as it relates to your current state.  Prior to this visit you will be asked to fill out an extensive health intake form that Dr. Maggie will review prior to your initial consult.  This pre-consult prep will allow for a more thorough and detailed question-answer period, an interactive review of your most recent lab test results, and a complaint oriented physical exam - all necessary components to get to the root cause of your health concern.  Maggie will aim to identify patterns and make connections between your different body systems that are playing a role in your health and disease/illness.   You will leave with a plan of action; either with a treatment protocol in hand, or to gather more information via further specialized testing and/or practitioner referral to explore the cause and contributing factors behind your symptoms.    

Prior to your initial visit please fax/email/drop off any lab work or imaging that has been done within the last year.


follow-up visits 

Follow-up visits range from 15-45 minutes.  These visits are designed to check-in and ensure that you are on the right track to better health. Dr. Maggie will re-evaluate your health status and chief complaint(s), and be sure to answer any questions that have arisen between appointments.    No two people are alike, which is why each patient is treated with a personalized approach and treatment plan, and follow-up timelines differ between individuals.  In general, Maggie commonly see's patients more frequently within the first 3-6 months of treatment (approx. 2-4 visits), and less frequently from 6-12 months (approx. 1-3 visits), and then as needed and for seasonal/yearly health check-ups.